Unlocking New Collaborative Frontiers in Halifax’s Dynamic Scene

August has unfolded as a month of promising connections for Green Navigation. Our co-founder, Daniel Precioso, embarked on a journey to Halifax, Canada, in pursuit of refining weather routing algorithms to enhance our service.

Collaboration with Dalhousie University

Daniel’s visit to the Canadian port city primarily revolved around a productive collaboration with Dalhousie University. Together with Dr. Robert Milson, professor of Mathematics at Dalhousie University, and Louis Bu, graduate Maths student, we are diligently working to advance our weather routing algorithms. This collabortion underscores Green Navigation’s dedication to providing high-quality maritime solutions.

Green Navigation’s visit at The PIER. From left to right: David Thomas (executive director at The PIER), Daniel Precioso (lead data scientist at Canonical Green) and Louis Bu (graduate Maths student at Dalhousie University).

A Visit to The PIER

Thanks to Opentop, Daniel had the chance to meet David Thomas, the executive director of The PIER (Port Innovation, Engagement and Research). The PIER, a globally recognized center of excellence located by the Halifax Seaport, focuses on fostering innovation, collaboration, and research in transportation, supply chain, and port logistics.

Within the captivating environment of The PIER, Green Navigation embraced the opportunity to connect with fellow industry leaders. We openly shared insights into our maritime expertise and explored potential synergies with the dynamic companies hosted at The PIER. We eagerly anticipate nurturing these relationships and maintaining close ties with our newfound partners as we collectively work toward redefining the maritime industry.

This summer has marked a significant chapter in Green Navigation’s journey of innovation and collaboration. It lays the foundation for a future brimming with opportunities as we continue to pioneer advancements in the maritime sector. Stay tuned for further updates!

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