Green Navigation’s Triumph at Opentop Demo Day

Thursday has been an unforgettable day for Green Navigation. We had the opportunity to present our weather routing project at Opentop’s Demo Day in Valencia. All the members of our team were there (from left to right): Javier Jiménez, Daniel Precioso and David Gómez-Ullate. Accompaining us were Carlos Redón (right in the picture) and Mercedes, from Boluda Towage. The reason: we have been collaborating with Boluda in our very first pilot!

That is right, we simulated real-life Boluda’s tugboat routes, using validated consumption models, and optimized them with Green Navigation. This collaboration, enriched with the commitment of Boluda’s team, is a testament to the impactful alliances we’ve formed over the recent months. During our pitch at the Demo Day, the audience could see in first hand the impact that our weather routing could have in real shipping scenarios: we can reduce GHG emissions up to 10% thanks to our state-of-the-art algorithms!

The Demo Day marks the end of our participation in Opentop’s acceleration program, but not the end of our partnership with them! We will keep working together to reach the broader shipping industry and help them meet the SDGs and save fuel! Our gratitude is immeasurable for mentors such as Chema Leal, Guillermo Fernández, Jorge Marcos, Yolanda Trujillo, Thais Maria Glod, Víctor Collazos, and many others. Their incredible guidance and support has enriched our journey immensely. Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to Wayra, Boluda Towage, and Fundación Valenciaport for making possible this wonderful experience.

We also want to acknowledge our peer startups we met and interacted with throughout the program: Gandolapp, Sensing Tools, DMS. Your innovative visions have been a consistent source of inspiration.

Green Navigation’s trajectory has been one of continuous growth and learning. As we wrap up this chapter with Opentop, we are fueled with excitement for what lies ahead!

Until our next venture,
The Green Navigation Team

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