Showcasing Solutions for the Ecological Transition: Green Navigation at the Technology Park

Green Navigation, our weather routing solution, was recently presented as one of the 100 solutions in The Arch during a morning dedicated to innovation at the Technology Park in Málaga, Spain. The Arch is a European event that aims to accelerate ecological transition through a series of 10 stopovers across Europe. The Technology Park event provided an opportunity for Green Navigation’s team to showcase their project and network with other sustainability actors.

The presentation of Green Navigation’s weather routing solution highlighted its crucial role in promoting sustainability in the shipping industry. By optimizing vessel routes based on real-time weather and ocean conditions, Green Navigation helps reduce fuel consumption and GHG emissions, thus contributing to the ecological transition that The Arch aims to accelerate.

The Technology Park event provided a platform for Green Navigation and other sustainability actors to showcase their solutions and collaborate towards a more sustainable future. Very enriching exchanges in favor of the ecological transition that continues to mobilize throughout Europe!

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