Green Navigation Comes Back to The PIER at Halifax

Green Navigation’s COO, Daniel Precioso, is in Halifax (Canada) visiting The PIER, a renowned innovation hub at the Halifax Seaport. The PIER collaborates with Opentop, an acceleration program at the Port of Valencia where Green Navigation is enrolled. Together, they hosted the PINsight event for the Port Innovators Network (PIN), a global consortium of innovation hubs. PIN aims to foster innovation in ports worldwide by connecting various stakeholders and facilitating the exchange of innovative ideas and best practices.

At the session this week, the PIN network was presented to the participating public, who joined in person and virtually, while connecting with the rest of the founding hubs to welcome everyone. Daniel Precioso took the floor at The PIER to show a great example of collaboration between PIN hubs. Green Navigation is an online tool to help shipping companies decide the best route for their vessels. The tool takes into account weather forecasts and oceanographic conditions for cleaner, safer and more efficient shipping. It enables ships to reduce their fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, risks and voyage time. It is the Google Maps of the sea. Daniel presented the audience with a talk on “How data is optimizing shipping”.

This marks Green Navigation’s second visit to the PIER. You can find more details about the first visit in the following post: link

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