CTO Javier Jiménez Charts an Exciting Epoch in Green Navigation at Incubazul

Recently, our co-founder and CTO, Javier Jiménez de la Jara, had the opportunity to share some insights about our company’s journey, challenges, and vision at Incubazul, a startup incubator powered by the Zona Franca de Cádiz.

Our company, Canonical Green, was born out of a passion for sustainability and innovation. Our flagship product, Green Navigatoin, a web platform that uses advanced weather forecasts and algorithms to calculate the best routes for ships, is a testament to this passion. By using our system, we will help ship operators save up to 10% of fuel costs and emissions, as well as avoid potential hazards and delays.

In his interview, Javier shared that our journey began in 2021 when we participated and won the Ocean Hackathon, an international challenge for developing blue economy solutions. Since then, we have been tirelessly developing and testing our product, seeking funding and partnerships. We are proud to have been selected by “The Arch” as one of the 100 best projects for the ecological transition in Europe, and to have presented our idea at the European Parliament. We are currently working with Boluda, a Spanish shipping company, to implement our software in their tugboats.

Javier shared that being part of Incubazul has been a rewarding experience. The tailored training, mentoring, and networking opportunities provided by the incubator have helped us improve our business and technical skills, and connect with other start-ups, investors, and potential clients. We are also proud to be located in Cádiz, a city with a strong maritime tradition and a strategic position in the Atlantic.

Looking ahead, Javier is optimistic about the future of Green Navigation and the blue economy. He believes that it is possible to achieve zero emissions in the maritime sector, but it will depend on how the industry evolves and adapts to new technologies and regulations. Canonical Green’s goal is to contribute to this transition by offering a smart and sustainable solution that can optimize maritime transport and reduce its environmental impact. We hope that Green Navigation will become a reference in the market and a source of inspiration for other entrepreneurs who want to make a positive difference in the world.

Read the full interview (in Spanish) here: Incubazul prepara ya su ‘despesque’ económico y tecnológico en Cádiz

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